The Net Positive Project works for a world where companies drive financial success and create "Net Positive" impacts by putting back more into society, the environment, and the global economy than they take out.

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Who are we?

At the Net Positive Project, we believe that we will be able to shift the role of companies in society towards powering "Net Positive" outcomes for the company and stakeholders. By promoting this potential for companies to positively affect the world and holding them accountable for their actions, we will create a race to the top—rather than just reducing negative impacts.

In 5 years, we hope to see...

Companies tracking Net Positive
commitments in financial reports.

Buyers evaluating and partnering with
suppliers on Net Positive contributions.

Companies making Net Positive
commitments and action on social topics.

Companies with Net Positive commitments
collaborating on joint business projects.

NPP thinking integrated into corporate
investment, product development, sales,
and strategy across sectors.

Get involved

The Net Positive Project is seeking new companies to join in. By committing your time, engagement, and funding, you will gain:

Insight from companies leading the net positive agenda

A prominent and visible role in helping to turn an innovative and powerful concept into a movement

Ability to shape, inform, and test net positive principles and methodologies

Our founding members

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